Iberia tries VeriFLY COVID test app on US-bound flights

  • From 23 February to 23 April on flights to Miami and New York
  • The app verifies that COVID-19 test result documents comply with US requisites for incoming passengers.
  • The app saves time at the airport, but remains optional –passengers can present their test certificates at the check-in counter if they prefer,
  • VeriFLY can be downloaded to iOS and Android smartphones.

Iberia customers flying to the United States may now use the new VeriFLY app to save time and trouble at the airport. The app verifies that the sworn statement and the COVID-19 negative test certificate required by US health authorities meet their standards.

Iberia’s two-month pilot project using the VeriFLY app is initially for use by passengers flying from Spain to New York or Miami.

Passengers flying from Madrid to Miami at 17:10 today can use the app to present their PCR test certificates.

VeriFLY is designed to ensure that passengers have the health documentation they need to be admitted to countries of destination, at a time when requisites frequently change and vary from country to country.

Ignacio Tovar, Iberia’s Transformation Manager, said: “Now is the time to take advantage of all that technology offers us to simplify the travel experience and to fly with confidence. At Iberia we are working on the digitisation of the documents and tests required by each country, to make them easier to check and to give our customers a safe and contactless experience.”


VeriFLY is intuitive, fast and safe

blankBut the use of the VeriFLY app remains optional for now, and passengers may continue to present their paper health documents at the check-in counter if they prefer.

VeriFLY can be downloaded to both iOS and Android smartphones, and is very simple to use:

  1. Download the app, register, and add a photo.
  2. Choose a destination and a flight.
  3. Upload the COVID-19 test results and sign the sworn statement required of all arriving passengers.

Check out this video to see how it works.

When there is any problem, the customer is notified immediately so it can be resolved before the flight.

When the app determines that all requisites have been met, the customer is notified that he or she is good to fly.

The use of VeriFLY saves time at both check-in and boarding. Learn more about Iberia’s collaboration with VeriFLY  https://www.iberia.com/es/en/covid-19/verifly/

25 February 2021


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