FlyEurop launches as Belgium’s first eco-responsible private airline with Diamond DA62 aircraft

FlyEurop Diamond DA62 OO-VIF

FlyEurop, Belgium’s inaugural eco-responsible private airline, founded by Stéphan Maertens, is officially launched, marking a commitment to sustainability in aviation.

The airline’s fleet, centred around the Diamond DA62 (registered OO-VIF) with low fuel consumption and minimal noise impact, aligns with FlyEurop’s dedication to eco-friendly air travel during the ecological transition.

Having obtained the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) approval from EASA, FlyEurop is authorised for commercial passenger and cargo transport under European Union regulations.

The Diamond DA62’s energy efficiency positions FlyEurop as a sustainable alternative, with fuel consumption over 10 times lower than a jet and a carbon footprint half that of an airline passenger.

Offering tailor-made services and valet options, FlyEurop provides a unique travel experience starting from €1,000 per flight hour, or €200 per hour for each of its five passengers, at a speed of 320 km/h.

The airline strategically selected DronePort airport in St-Truiden for its inauguration, highlighting its commitment to innovation and collaboration within the aviation sector.



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