Delta’s Cancelling cancellations just set a new record

Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 - copyright Wim Peeters
Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 – copyright Wim Peeters

Just a week after Delta reached 200 days without a mainline cancellation so far this year, Delta employees Friday notched yet another operational record: the longest consecutive streak without a mainline canceled flight. And the streak continues.

Delta has gone more than 35 days and counting without a mainline cancellation. That’s 845 hours, flying more than 100,200 mainline operations and carrying 14.3 million customers to destinations around the globe.1

Key to that success has been record performance by Delta TechOps teams, which beat their previous no-maintenance-cancellation streak last Monday and show no signs of slowing down. For nearly 1,700 hours—almost 70 days—technicians have worked diligently to keep more than 202,330 Delta mainline flights operating sans maintenance cancellation.1

“Delta people across the system, in all divisions, are doing stellar work to make good on our promise to have the best operation in the industry,” said Don Mitacek, Delta’s Senior Vice President – Delta TechOps. “As we head into the holiday season, we have a great opportunity to show Delta customers what sets us apart.”

[1] Based on Delta internal flight operations reporting for Jan. 1 to Nov. 20, 2017, based on flights scheduled across Delta’s mainline system.


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