[Poll] Airbus A380 CEO – NEO – PLUS ? 


Airbus will introduce a new Airbus A380 version at the coming Paris Air Show – Le Bourget, Twitter member JP Lemaire discovered.

On the pictures you can see that the logo title has been covered. Based on the previous types Airbus might announce an Airbus A380 CEO, an Airbus A380 NEO or a new type like Airbus A380 PLUS ?

At the Paris Air Show Airbus will introduce a new version of A380 xxx

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The new wing design will be introduced as well. For higher passenger loads and improved fuel efficiency? We will now shortly!


  1. It strikes me that the everything behind the “8” is taped. Could i be possibe that the “0” is changing ?

  2. Come on guys…. it’s not a mobile phone, like galaxy S7-Plus, or iPhone 6 Plus, or Huawei Honor 6 Plus… sounds cheap.
    I know you are joking about CEO aircraft.
    The “NEO” is a strong term of an advance aircraft.. Something new beyond current technology. Something…


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