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World Trade Organization (WTO)

The U.S. imposes a 10% tariff on Airbus aircraft produced in Europe

Despite a last-minute plea by Airbus, the United States is introducing a 10 percent tariff on new aircraft heavier than 30 tonnes imported from...

EU and Airbus achieve major win against US at WTO, with solid basis for billions in countermeasures

WTO Appellate Body sides with EU and confirms inaction of Boeing to address illegal subsidies and includes new ones in its judgment Absent...

WTO reverses ruling against Washington State tax incentive for the Boeing 777X

Appeal decision marks resounding defeat for EU efforts to justify illegal Airbus subsidies Europe faces growing risk of sanctions as Airbus continues to ignore rulings...

WTO will move on to judge actionable Boeing subsidies to 777X

In a new round of the more than decade-long spat at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the Appellate Body (AB) has today (4 September...

Airbus and Boeing both claim victory in WTO ruling on subsidies

Airbus and Boeing both claim victory in WTO ruling on so-called "illegal" subsidies. Airbus says: WTO compliance panel report finds Boeing subsidies causing Airbus to lose...

Embraer supports Brazil’s request for consultations with Canada at the World Trade Organization on CSeries subsidies

With Embraer’s support, Brazil formally requested consultations with the Canadian Government at the World Trade Organization (WTO) today, in Geneva, regarding subsidies benefiting Bombardier’s...