A strike organised by a trade union of an air carrier does not fall within the concept of an ‘extraordinary circumstance’, says the CJEU

Judgment in Case C-28/20 (Airhelp Ltd v Scandinavian Airline System SAS) A strike organised by a trade union of the staff of an air carrier...

[Search and Rescue] “Airborne Medical Center (CMH) to air on Belgian television with a series of four reports”

This Friday, November 8th 2019, the "Helicopter Medical Centre" known as 'Centre Médical Heliporté (CMH)' will air on Belgian national television for a series...

AirHelp unveils world’s best airlines & airports in 2018 AirHelp Score

This week AirHelp, the world's leading flight compensation company, announced its annual AirHelp Score ratings of the world's best airlines and airports. The 2018 AirHelp Score... latest trending