US Airways

Merged into American Airlines.

Founded in 1937 as “All American Aviation,” the airline rebranded to “Allegheny Airlines” in 1953, to “USAir” in 1979, when it was considered among the world’s largest airlines, and finally to “US Airways” in 1997.
As US Airways, the carrier flew a wide domestic and international network from its hubs at Charlotte, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Washington D.C.-National airports, and bought up Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA), Piedmont Airlines, and the failing Trump Shuttle.
On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 landed on the Hudson River following engine failure from multiple bird strikes. All passengers and crew survived in the event, now termed the “Miracle on the Hudson.”
US Airways merged with American Airlines in 2013, forming the world’s largest airline, with the final US Airways-branded flight landed in April 2015.

8 years ago a US Airways A320 ditched into the Hudson

Yesterday it has been 8 years that a US Airways Airbus A320 ditched into the Hudson river. It is still described as the "Miracle...