Observation deck opened at Chopin Airport in Warsaw

Warsaw Chopin Airport in Poland has re-opened its observation deck following more than two years of redevelopment works. The opening is part of the Terminal A redevelopment project which has also seen 15 shops and 10 food outlets added to the building.Robert Stankiewicz, manager, public relations, Chopin Airport, said, “A lot of people have waited for this moment and I am very happy to say the day has finally come. The observation deck is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of our airport and I am confident it is going to be very popular.

“We encourage all aviation enthusiasts, passengers and those who dream of flying to visit. I am sure both children and grown-ups will love our observation deck.

The observation deck is approximately 490ft long and offers a full view of the apron and the landing area so passengers can easily view takeoffs, landings, and the handling of parked aircraft. On the deck, there is a shop selling airport gifts and souvenirs from Warsaw, and there is also a café with all-natural ice-cream, sweets and snacks nearby.

The deck is open daily from 6:00am to 10:00pm and is free of charge to all visitors. The deck is located in the public area of the airport and can be accessed from the railway station entrance level.

June 8, 2015



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