Berlin Brandenburg Airport: Update on the work of the Imtech taskforce


The taskforce, which was set up by FBB following the announcement of the bankruptcy of Imtech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, has continued in the past days to limit as far as possible the impact of the insolvency and to stabilise the work at the BER construction site. As previously reported, Imtech was contracted to provide electrical work at BER and, alongside Caverion, was a member of the IMCA consortium which was contracted to provide heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitation services. The current situation is as follows:

  • The Imtech bankruptcy has led to a noticeable reduction in the number of employees at the BER site across both contractual packages. However, both Imtech and Caverion have committed to increasing the number of employees as rapidly as possible in order to limit the impact on work schedules at the BER site.
  • For the electrical engineering service package, Imtech, the interim administrator and FBB have agreed to complete as much of the remaining, contractually agreed electrical services including documentation during the preliminary bankruptcy proceedings, which will run until October 2015. Subsequently, it will be decided how and whether Imtech can be sold, and how the company will be able to complete the remaining services for BER. At the same time, FBB will be examining in depth the existing and publicly debated potential courses of action should Imtech be unable to continue to provide its contractual services after the end of October. For next week, Imtech has announced its intention to be back at the construction site with the full contingent of workers.
  • In the service package for heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitation services, the IMCA consortium and the remaining consortium partners are contractually obligated to provide the remaining services regardless of Imtech’s bankruptcy. Caverion has announced that it will provide all of the consortium’s services and has assured that they will be continued as contractually arranged. However, FBB has not ruled out the likelihood that the work may be delayed until the consortium has been fully taken over by Caverion.
  • The taskforce has estimated that the delay caused to date by the Imtech bankruptcy is around two to three weeks. By the end of September the taskforce will revise the milestone planning, which originally set March 2016 as the date by which the construction work would be completed. Furthermore, the taskforce will do everything in its power to stabilise and expedite the work in the service areas electrical engineering and heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary including documentation and commissioning of the systems. As things stand at the present moment, FBB believes that the events will not jeopardise the opening of the airport in the second half of 2017.

FBB will continue to keep you up to date on the work of the taskforce.



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