Mismanagement cause of long queues at Schiphol, says KLM


Unspoilt growth, marketing bonuses and a lack of investment led to the long queues at Schiphol Airport recently. KLM chief operating officer René de Groot told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. The board of airline representatives in the Netherlands (BARIN) has also criticism: “Schiphol has to solve this,” said chairman Frank Allard.

There is a mismanagement,” said De Groot in an interview with the newspaper. ‘Schiphol made the wrong choices. The airport has used marketing bonuses for growth that was not necessary and failed to invest in the right infrastructure. ‘

Last year the first complaints about the extremely long waiting times at the security checkpoints at Amsterdam airport started. During peak season, travellers had to queue for hours before being checked. KLM director Pieter Cornelisse warned earlier in De Telegraaf that this could happen again in the coming spring and summer holidays.

Last week luchtzak.be already reported about the long queues at Schiphol Airport. KLM and the airport ask passengers to come to the airport 3 hours ahead of departure time (for European as well as for intercontinental flights).


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