A second group of people working to resurrect WOW air


As reported yesterday, 2 former WOW air managers were working on a project to resurrect the defunct Icelandic airline under the name “WAB air”. It has been revealed by Fréttablaðið this morning that an American aircraft operator is working on a similar project.

WAB air is the project of 2 key people of the bankrupt airline, joined by many other investors. This morning, the Icelandic newspaper “Fréttablaðið” has revealed that an American aircraft operator – whose name is not disclosed – has been working on a similar project.

Both groups don’t have any link between them.

The American group has bought all assets related to flight operations of WOW. It is possible that nobody of WOW is involved in this purchase, which is said to have run into hundreds of millions of Icelandic krónur.

WOW air assets include their logo, and branding, their website, web domain, flight ops manuals, booking system, other software, cabin trolleys, computers, most of its tools and spare parts, and uniforms for crew and other staff.

The plan is to “resurrect low-cost flight operations to and from the country, both to Europe and the USA on the foundations of WOW air and in accordance with the philosophy that lay behind the low-cost model of WOW air,” the news states.

It is believed that the investors are American with years of airline experience, both in America and Europe.

We really don’t know who is behind this latter group, the American one, and whether for example Skúli Mogensen, who was WOW air’s CEO, is involved; or even whether Indigo Partners, which is the American investment company that was looking to buy WOW air all of last winter, is involved with this,” Kristján Sigurjónsson told RÚV’s Rás 1 radio this morning.


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