These ten airlines already went bankrupt in 2019


Though times for passengers, airlines and its employees as already in September alone the wings of four airlines have been clipped. Unfortunately, airline bankruptcies and insolvencies are an event that there is to stay. Fierce competition and higher fuel prices are weeding out the weak performers.

On this year’s bankruptcy of Jet Airways, Professor Loizos Heracleous commented:

“The aviation industry is unattractive in terms of returns on investment at the best of times. Planes are high cost assets with little alternative use.

“Fuel accounts for around a third of total airline costs and they have no control over the fluctuating price.

“Increases in industry profitability after 2011 were aided by lower fuel prices. With fuel prices on an upward trend since 2016, the performance of some airlines has taken a hit.

“Airlines also face high levels of regulation, often aggressive unions, and the high bargaining power of buyers.

“Yet new airlines continue to enter the industry. In 2017 for example, 79 new airlines entered the industry globally, as 25 went bankrupt. That is an unsustainable rate of market entry and financially irrational.

“Airline bankruptcies are an event that is here to stay. That is why consumers should always have a plan B and purchase their tickets in a manner that offers the possibility of a refund.”

These ten airlines already went bankrupt this year

Germania files for insolvency and ceases operations with immediate effect

flybmi ceases operations and is filing for administration; all flights cancelled

WOW air: the end

Jet Airways to suspend its operations today after lenders reject call for funds

Avianca Brasil’s AOC suspended by Brazilian aviation authorities

On 7 June 2019, Avianca Argentina ceased all operations

As from tomorrow evening – 6 September – Aigle Azur will suspend its operations

XL Airways facing financial problems, stops selling tickets

Thomas Cook Group ceases trading with immediate effect; Manchester Airport detains aircraft

Adria Airways suspends flights on Tuesday and Wednesday and is desperately looking for additional funds


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