Ryanair unveils 2017/18 (Year 4) “Always getting better” plan, including connecting flights for the first time


Ryanair today (6 Apr) unveiled its 2017/18 customer experience improvement plan which forms Year 4 of its “Always Getting Better” (AGB) programme, including service, digital, ancillary and inflight developments. The new initiatives to be rolled out over the coming year include:

  • Connecting flights – on Ryanair’s network, then on other airlines
  • Even lower airfares and more of them
  • New bases (Frankfurt Main, Naples) and improved schedules
  •  “My Ryanair” Phase 2 – improved profile, offers and incentives
  • “Plus” products improved– Regular, Plus, Flexi-Plus and Family Plus
  • Ryanair Holidays rolling out across all markets – 3,4,5 star hotels
  • Ryanair Rooms – more partners and more choice
  • Amazon of Travel – New search function
  • Into the Blue – bespoke travel content in the app in 5 languages
  • Express booking – pre-saved preferences for faster bookings (3 clicks)
  • Auto check-in – for both flights once return seats are booked

In London, Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs said:

“The success of the “Always Getting Better” programme over the past 3 years has been reflected in ever increasing load factors and record passenger numbers, which has seen our traffic grow by over 50%.  In a year when Ryanair became Europe’s largest airline, carrying 120m customers and Ryanair.com became the world’s most visited airline website, we are pleased to launch Year 4 of AGB today, with an exciting range of initiatives in digital, product and ancillary.


As we expand the Ryanair route network, customers will for the first time be able to book connecting Ryanair flights on the Ryanair.com website, with a feeder flight service with other airlines following later this year. While we continue to innovate, the one thing that won’t change will be our low fares, and European customers will still enjoy the biggest and best choice of destinations, with the most on-time flights and a fantastic onboard experience, as we grow our fleet, traffic and routes.”

06 Apr 2017


Thus, Ryanair introduces connecting flights for the first time in its history. We have asked Ryanair when this new “service” would start: Ryanair hopes to introduce it by the end of the summer or at the start of the next winter season. But a test phase will already be implemented at Rome FCO during the summer and it might start as soon as May.
Furthermore, Ryanair might start connecting with long haul flights from two other airlines, namely Norwegian and Aer Lingus, as soon as in September.


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