Two KLM aircraft (a 747 and a 787) clip wings at Amsterdam Schiphol


On 13 February, two KLM Royal Dutch Airlines aircraft – a Boeing 747-400 (PH-BFV) and a Boeing 787 (PH-BHA) – were involved in a push-back incident. There is damage to the winglet of the 747 and to horizontal stabilizer of the 787.

The Boeing 747-400 was scheduled for flight KL601 to Los Angeles, and the Dreamliner supposed to leave for Atlanta as KL623. The airline was forced to cancel both flights.

KLM confirmed the incident and said: “This morning, the wings of two KLM aircraft collided  during push-back. This caused damage to the wing tips. Both aircraft are now grounded for repair. The safety of the passengers has never been compromised. The aircraft were on their way to Atlanta and Los Angeles. The passengers are being rebooked so that they can continue their journey as quickly as possible.

Shortly after the incident, pictures appeared on social media:


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