TAP transports over 1,700,000 passengers in July (+11%) and sets monthly record

  • Number of passengers transported increases throughout the Airline’s network
  • New routes bring more than 100,000 new passengers
  • European routes with the highest absolute number of passengers transported (+77,000 passengers)

TAP transported over 1.7 million passengers in July, which is 11.6 percent up compared to the same month last year, thus setting a new record as the month with the highest number of passengers transported.

North America again stood out, with a 57.1 percent rise in passengers transported, totalling 117,000 Customers carried, as well as Africa, where TAP grew 13.9 percent, totalling 129,000 passengers.

Brazil continues to show signs of recovery. In the wake of June’s performance, when TAP transported 3.4 percent more passengers than in the same month in 2018, in July, the growth accelerated to over 10.9 percent, which translates into 17,000 more passengers compared to the same period last year.

The European routes underwent the highest absolute growth, surpassing 1 million passengers, which is 77,000 (8.3%) up on the July figures of the previous year.

As for TAP’s routes to the Azores and Madeira, passenger numbers increased 11 percent, reaching 156,000 passengers on flights to and from the Portuguese islands.

Also noteworthy are the 10 new routes that TAP inaugurated this year – Tel Aviv, Basel, Dublin, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Naples, Tenerife, Conakry and Oporto-Brussels – which contributed over 100,000 passengers on board the Airline’s aircraft. Europe ranked in the top spot with an extra 55,000 passengers, followed by North America with an additional 31,000 passengers, and then the Middle East with 10,000 more passengers.

The new routes, allied to the modernisation of the Airline’s fleet, continue to consolidate TAP’s growth in all the markets where it operates as it can now offer a more complete product to its customers.



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