Computer malfunction: Brussels Airlines’ Airbus A330 to Kigali returns to Brussels Airport


This morning’s Brussels Airlines flight SN467 to Kigali came back to Brussels Airport after a technical issue on one of the aircraft’s computer systems, spokeswoman Maaike Andries confirmed to Recently, the same Airbus A330 (registered OO-SFU) was grounded for several weeks after engine problems due to fuel contamination. The two cases, however, are unrelated, Andries said. 

SN467 was well above Austria when the pilots decided to head back to Belgium. An error on one computer fuelled the decision to return. “At no point, passengers were in danger,” the spokeswoman said, “the aircraft could perfectly continue its journey to Rwanda, but the glitch is better resolved at Brussels Airport, where we have our maintenance facilities.

Brussels Airlines took care of the 182 passengers: some of them were rebooked on another airline. The rest of the passengers is accommodated in hotels and will continue their journey to Kigali tomorrow.

A Brussels Airlines A330 from Kinshasa to Brussels re-starts engine after failure

Contaminated fuel caused the engine problems of Brussels Airlines Airbus A330 OO-SFU


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