Ju-Air Junkers Ju-52 historical plane crashed at Piz Segnas, Switzerland – nobody survived the crash

© Maarten Van Den Driessche

On Saturday 4 August, Ju-Air lost one of its historical planes. A Junkers JU-52 (HB-HOT) “Tante Ju”, “Auntie Ju” crashed when it impacted terrain near Flims, Piz Segnas, Switzerland. The 17-seater was fully booked for this sightseeing flight. On Sunday afternoon, Swiss police confirmed that nobody survived the crash.

Ju-Air Junkers Ju-52 departed Locarno Airport (LSZL) heading to Dubendorf (LSMD) near Zurich for a scenic flight with 17 passengers and 3 crew on board l11 men and 9 women). Immediately after the crash airborne rescue operations started and resumed after sunrise on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, local police confirmed a Junkers aircraft crashed at Piz Segnas, but didn’t provide further details, 5 helicopters were dispatched for rescue and recovery. Police later added that the wreckage was situated at an elevation of 2540 meters at the western flank of Piz Segnas. A flight restriction to protect rescue and recovery operation was issued.

Ground observers watched the aircraft flying in the area over Obersaxen (Switzerland) south of Piz Segnas and estimated they were flying at 11,000 feet.

Ju-Air confirmed the accident stating on their website: “Accident 4th August 2018: We have the sad duty to announce that one of our Ju-52 aircraft had a accident today. At the moment, no further information is available.”

The aircraft had performed a flight from Dubendorf to Locarno on Aug 3rd 2018 and was about to return to Dubendorf.

Mode-S Data show HB-HOT departing and climbing through 4500 feet between 14:20Z and 14:25Z.

On Sunday, Swiss police confirmed that nobody survived the crash.


  1. A clear pilot error to fly that low in the Swiss alps at this weeks extreme high temperatures and density altitudes, which doesn’t leave the pilots any performance-reserves for manouvers, downdrafts or engine failure. Pilots should have known this fact. A clear lack of pilot-awareness!! Another natural selection process in Swiss-aviation, which pays with 20 human lives. Very sad!!


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