LOT Polish Airlines Embraer E-195 between Warsaw and Brussels suffers decompression, diverts to Dusseldorf


In the afternoon of 24 January, a LOT Polish Airlines Embraer E195LR (registered SP-LND) operated flight LO233 between Warsaw, Poland, and Brussels, Belgium. 

About 40 minutes into the flight, while flying at an altitude of 34,000 feet, the aircraft suffered a pressurisation problem. The pilots squawked a “general emergency”, quickly descended to 10,000 feet and decided to divert to Dusseldorf, Germany. The plane is still on the ground at the time of writing.

A replacement E195 aircraft registered SP-LNK has been ferried to Dusseldorf as LO9001 to pick up the stranded passengers and bring them to Brussels, and to operate the heavily delayed return flight LO234 from Brussels to Warsaw.

Footage that appeared on the Facebook page of Polish politician Robert Biedro? indicates that the passengers clearly followed the instructions by the crew while grabbing their nearby oxygen masks.


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