Kuwait aviation authorities revoke Wataniya Airways’ operating licence


Wataniya Airways had previously been suspended for three months after 1,500 passengers were left stranded because of cancellations

Kuwaiti aviation authorities have revoked the air operating licence of Kuwait National Airways – commonly known as Wataniya Airways (Q9/WAN) – for failing to take steps to remedy operational problems that led to a wave of delays and cancellations earlier this year.
In September, Kuwait’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) suspended the carrier’s licence for three months after 1,500 passengers were left stranded abroad because of cancellations.
DGCA spokesperson Saad Al Otaibi said that the suspension was designed to give Wataniya an opportunity to overhaul its operations. However, Al Otaibi said that the airline had not made any changes, which led authorities to revoke their licence.
Earlier this year, Wataniya chairman Ali a Fozan said that the airline had been forced to temporarily suspend operations after “unexpected circumstances” that could not be avoided, claiming that three aeroplanes had gone out of service and left the airline with just one aircraft available for commercial flights.
At the time, al Fozan said that the carrier’s financial position remained strong and he vowed that Wataniya would return after “necessary measures” were taken to revive the airline.
According to Planespotters.net, all Wataniya aircraft (A320s) have been repossessed  by their lessor.
Source: Arabian Business


  1. My sister, Bhim Kumari Thapa had lost her baggage during the flight from Kuwait to Kathmandu (Nepal) before seven month ago. We have claimed about it to the Wataniya airways office, Kathmandu. They had taken 4 months period to investigate the lost baggage . After that they ( Wataniya airways office, Kathmandu) said we will compensate the lost $20 per kilogram. The office Kathmandu had collected all documents for compensation procedure. At the same time, the Wataniya had its licence suspended. During this period we had gone to the wataniya airways office, Kathmandu and they said about licence suspension and unable to compensate. Now I want to know that when the licence of wataniya will be released and if the government of Kuwait does not release the licence than ‘can we get the compensation or not?’. Is there any procedure to get compensation during this period? How much is the compensation to be received?


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