Ex Adria Airways A320 pilot founder of new Slovenian airline SouthEast Airlines


SouthEast Airlines is a newly established airline in Slovenia with its registered office in Trbovlje, reports Slovenian aviation portal Sierra5.net. Among the founders and management team of the future airline are experienced pilots and instructors, aeronautical engineers and mechanics, specialists in the field of finance and other aviation support services.

One of them is Blaž Berdnik, Airbus A320 captain with 22 years of experience in the field of aviation. Berdnik told Sierra5 about why they decided to establish their own new airline: “Some time at the beginning of 2019, my team and I decided that it might be time for a new and fresh approach in Slovenia as well. Of course, the preparations for such a project are very intensive and that is why it took somewhere between 18 and 20 months for us to reveal our plans to the public. In January, with the first official interview at the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, we also officially confirmed our intentions to establish a new airline based in Slovenia.

SouthEast Airlines is entering the European air transport and services market with its advanced approach, modern aviation technology and modern European Airbus aircraft. “At SouthEast, we have already signed a contract for a rather demanding charter programme for the summer of 2021, for which we are convinced that we will successfully implement it after obtaining the AOC (air operator certificate),” said Blaž Berdnik.

The company has decided to have a uniform fleet of highly reliable Airbus A320 aircraft. “Airbus was a logical and very easy choice. In Slovenia, this type of aircraft has been used since 1988.” The company is negotiating with the lessor about the details of the lease of the Airbus A320 aircraft. SouthEast will start its operations with a 180-seater Airbus A320 in a purely economy class, and another one is expected to be added to this aircraft later this year.

The carrier has already successfully started the selection and training of flight crews. In the initial phase, it is anticipated that the staff will have 3-4 complete crews for the first aircraft, which together with the ground support, which includes the operational and commercial part, will be around 35 employees.

Source: Sierra5.net


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