Chinese captain suspended for life after passenger cockpit visit


Air Guilin suspended a captain for life on Monday after the Chinese airline discovered that he allowed a (female) passenger into the cockpit and onto his seat. The cockpit visit happened about 10 months ago on a domestic flight between Guilin and Yangzhou, China but was discovered after a screenshot of the passenger’s was posted on Weibo, a very popular Chinese social media platform. 

The airline, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines, said that the captain violated the airline’s operating procedures and safety regulations. The company added that it would improve safety measures to prevent similar incidents. He was then suspended for life while the other crew on board has been suspended indefinitely for “further investigation“.

Air Guilin always makes passenger safety a top priority and has zero tolerance for improper or unprofessional behaviors that pose threats to aviation safety,” the airline said in a statement, which was posted on Weibo. The cockpit visit happened on 4 January 2019 on flight GT1011.

The photo is clearly edited, since the instruments are blurred. You can deduce from this that this photo was taken during flight.


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