is Privilege still alive ?!?

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is Privilege still alive ?!?

Post by euroflyer »

I do have a Privilege account with Gold membership. Well, hm, maybe I should say I had?

My Privilege card is valid until 02/2009, so it is not valid anymore officially. I am sure I have kept my gold status last year as well. But so far I have not received a new card :(

Even worse, the Privilege website shows in the transaction history part "you have no privilege transaction yet" :lol: :shock: :lol: . I am just wondering why I have 128.000 miles than according to the same website? The "older history" link gives me at last the flights until 12/2008 and that seems to be fine. However I had already 10 flights this year (2009 that is !) with Brussels Airlines, always giving my card, always mentioning the card number on the boarding pass ... And I have the feeling they have not been counted towards the total mileage sum so far as well, it should be more than 128.000, but that is hard to check without the full transaction history being available :evil:

I wrote to Privilege using their contact / feedback function in the website some two weeks ago about the problem and - guess what - no answer at all until today.

Are those guys still existing? Or has the whole staff left prior to the expected merger with Miles&More? I have full understanding for problems with launching a new website, etcetera, blabla, blabla, but not for months !! Come on guys, that is not professional anymore.

I will try from next week on to collect Miles&More miles on the SN flights now (at least those routes which are under codeshare with LH), than I get at least my miles accredited to my account.
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Re: is Privilege still alive ?!?

Post by Ducatibiker »

I also noticed this lack of information on my Privilege Platinum account which has not been fixed for months.

I flew several LH and LX flights this week and the good news is that *Alliance Gold works quite well for fast lane access, premium lounge and priority delivery of baggage (it was always in the first 6)

This week the Zurich lounge has a nice selection of warm pasta, the Frankfurt lounge had warm sausage, the Geneva lounge has some warm quiche, the Berlin lounge had a nice spread for breakfast...and the Brussels lounge usual nothing, not even the red candy.

I hope the new management of Lufthansa takes over very soon ...

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Re: is Privilege still alive ?!?

Post by tolipanebas »

euroflyer wrote:I have full understanding for problems with launching a new website, etcetera, blabla, blabla, but not for months!! Come on guys, that is not professional anymore.
It's not just the the Privilege accounts which are a mess, or the booking website...
it is everything related to IT coming from SN, be it internally or externally.

Just this week for instance, SN has been basically running its flight operations without computers for almost 2 entire days because the servers were down once again... as they are in fact on an almost weekly basis! Crews had no other option but to hand-copy all flight related information themselves!
Welcome to the 21st century! :lol:

And what's best: those IT guys can't stop sending out the most ridiculous technical e-mails which nobody understands (nor cares about really) on an almost hourly basis to inform us about the progress in dealing with their newest mess, but all these mails make the mail-boxes get overloaded of those who aren't sitting behind a desk like they do, so they then send out e-mails to all flight crews telling us to empty our mailboxes more often since we are using up too much of their storage space!!!!
Well, budes, they wouldn't be so full if you'd stop stending us messages about the servers being down and it would be even greater if you'd manage to make things work reliably for once! :evil:

Yep, that's the kind of IT-ers we have to work with overthere: can you understand why the Privilege site isn't exactly working as it should? :roll:
I can hardly wait for the day they'll replace the entire IT system (and department) with something from LH: it'll be reliable, stable, simple, userfriendly and will come with no-nonsense associated, I am sure!

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Re: is Privilege still alive ?!?

Post by Ducatibiker »

Meanwhile, we, the customers are paying for tickets expecting full service, including Privilege services.
Fix the IT because it is not an excuse - I don't get a discount on my ticket or refund because poorer performance...which should be a ground for Brussels Airlines to ask for compensation as their IT partner is not performing.

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Re: is Privilege still alive ?!?

Post by eurojet »

Same thing here. I have the Amex Gold, which gives me 1.5 mile for each EUR spent. Since many months, none of my miles have been credited. Sometimes, there is a credit which I cannot reconcile with my Amex statements. Even the Amex customer service staff (take an example to them, SN people), told me SN Privilege is a mess)... It is just a hopeless programme, extremely expensive "free" tickets, etc ... By the way, I pay EUR 182 per year for the Amex, I think it will be last year this year ..

Anyhow, don't get your hopes up too high on Miles&More, which is a stingy programme as well. Flying Blue used to be OK, until they changed the rules there as well and has become as unattractive as the rest... This gimmick of loyalty programmes is just a thing of the past, I think, and passengers just become yet another commodity product ...

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Re: is Privilege still alive ?!?

Post by Avro »

Same problems over here !!

I had to write an e-mail to privilege in order to add my miles of Februrary.

In march I had 4 flights in bflex and up to now they only added 1250 points instead of the 5000.


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