Kigali 1994-04-07

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Homo Aeroportus
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Kigali 1994-04-07

Post by Homo Aeroportus » 07 Apr 2019, 10:17

Please allow me to post this here.
If one needs to link this to aviation let’s say that para-commandos often “go to work” by air.

During one of my last trips to Kigali, I paid a visit to the place where 10 Belgian soldiers were slaughtered 25 years ago to the day and I wrote in the condolences book :

In this room, 50 liters were shed in what ended up being an ocean of blood in 1994.
10 Belgian soldiers were assassinated here after having been deployed by ignorant politicians and abandoned by incompetent cowards.
We shall never forget that. We shall never forget you.

The place is well maintained and respectful. The Rwandan government may be thanked for that.

Some of the photos I took.

Grey skies over Flawinne today.
2nd Commando Battalion - United we conquer.


Mods : I take full responsibility for the words above. However, should you want to delete this post, I’d appreciate you look the other way until tomorrow.

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Re: Kigali 1994-04-07

Post by Airbus330lover » 07 Apr 2019, 10:27

Thanks for the post. Never forget.

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Re: Kigali 1994-04-07

Post by convair » 07 Apr 2019, 13:12

Thank you H.A.
RIP for the victims.

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Re: Kigali 1994-04-07

Post by sn26567 » 07 Apr 2019, 17:00

Due respect. Thanks, H.A.!

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Re: Kigali 1994-04-07

Post by jan_olieslagers » 07 Apr 2019, 19:31

Thanks, H.A. All my support, respect, sympathy.

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