Changing planes in Moscow

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Changing planes in Moscow

Post by rutgertijmen »

Hello everybody,

I am planning a trip to Asia next November. While searching for an affordable ticket I bumped into some very friendly priced Aeroflot tickets.

Did anyone experience changing planes in Moscow? What's the airport like? Signing in English? Friendly people? Do you need a visum (don't think so...)?

And what is your over all advice? Flying Aeroflot or paying a bit more and travel on Emirates?

Thanks in advance for your reply!


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Re: Changing planes in Moscow

Post by sdbelgium »

I have read about the transit procedures at SVO before, and many people were quite upset that it is inefficient and slow, combined with rude staff.
Then, I found out why everyone hates the SVO terminal. It is indeed that the staff doesn’t really look as if they were glad to serve customers, they rather appeared to be cold and impolite. Signs were not always clear, and gates changed randomly with announcements difficult to understand. Even I had trouble in finding my gate, which never happened to me before at any airport. It was hard to find a seating place at all. Few monitors across the terminal listing the departures meant that every 20 mins I had to walk around and check for a screen and my designated departure gate but lose my seating spot. I had about 4h of transit time, more than enough and I was glad to eventually be out of there.
You can read all about it here: ... in/169177/

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Re: Changing planes in Moscow

Post by sn26567 »

And if you want an answer here, I once changed planes in Sheremetyevo, a few years ago, coming from Japan on JAL and continuing to Warsaw on LOT. I had no trouble at all. There are signs in English, many people speak that language (sometimes with difficulty, but they make an effort) and you don't need a visum.

Good luck!
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Re: Changing planes in Moscow

Post by regi »

on some flights wih Aeroflot from Asia, you must stay +- 15 hours inside the transit "bunker" zone.
Depends on your connections.

I don't know your destination in Asia.
But very recently SAS has verly low prices ( especially from the second week of september onwards, 200 euro lower than normal ) , besides of Etihad, Qantas, Finnair, Emirates.
I don't know where you live, but Düsseldorf is widely used by Dutch people to travel to Asia. ( yes, by Emirates)
If you want the cheapiest: fly Mahan Air from ÜS. 500 euro to Bangkok. From there onwards you can fly for +- 100 euro wit hAirasia to many other Asian destinations.

Happy ticket hunting

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Re: Changing planes in Moscow

Post by summersso »

Connection in SVO is fine, however problems tend to be rude/unhelpful staff, (possibly) long connection times and very high prices, like EUR 8 for a bottle of water! No visa required if international connection.

For an experienced traveller however who know how to find a gate it isn't a problem. In addition, Aeroflot have been moving flights to the brand new Terminal D which looks great, although not yet visited. But I shall tomorrow...! I am flying VIE-SVO, SVO-HAN (Hanoi, Vietnam), 2.5 hour layover, arriving at TF, departing at TD, so should be able to give a fuller report in a couple of weeks.

In essence, if the price is right, and you're prepared to forgo some luxury, Aeroflot and SVO are fine.

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Re: Changing planes in Moscow

Post by andorra-airport »

I booked a ticket like you. Amsterdam - Moskou - Hong-Kong.

The flights were good ! The food was the best I have ever had on an an airplane, you get a lot, with extra bread . (I am used Cathay) ... Leather seats , a lot of space, no complaints. No alcohol in eco though. Cabin staff was so so, I have to admit, but you know the Russians... It did not bother me. (Why pay 500 euro more for a Singapore smile?)

But.... SVO airport.. Keep away from it as far as possible! My flight was late incomming, Short connection, haha what a joke there! I made my connection because of a helpfull fat mamouchka, but most people did not make it. Total Chaos that airport. One of the worst in the world. Staff at the gate were not in uniform. Just casual in jeans . I found that cool.

So check your connecting time. Let it be 2 hours or so.

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Re: Changing planes in Moscow

Post by sab319 »

for more information and pictures of the Moscow airports you can always check this thread here

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Re: Changing planes in Moscow

Post by tsv »

I'd go with SU, by all reports their International Product is excellent (as is Emirates) and as others have said SVO has a new terminal and will be better than before. Apart from the usual Russian slow processing at Passport control the old SVO wasn't too bad anyway, certainly much better than LHR and plenty of people still transit through that joint.

Moreover it will be more of an adventure, you always witness the ridiculous in Russia which makes it a fun place to visit.

I'll be flying there next month (with JAL) and coming home with Etihad and will also have some domestic flights with Rossiya (on an AN-148!), Aeroflot Nord and S7. Can't wait to see the new SVO and also DME terminals which will have changed a lot since last visit.

Enjoy your flights.

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