Do you remember? 11 years ago a fire destroyed Sabena Technics Hangar 40


On 5 May 2006, just past midnight a fire broke out in the Sabena Technics Hangar 40. Fire services from around the airport rescued to the scene, they could control the fire but couldn’t prevent the roof from collapsing. It took at least 24 hours to completely extinguish the fire.

Five people were injured. An employee of Sabena Technics suffered severe burns and had to be transferred to the hospital of Neder-over-Heembeek. Four firemen got slightly injured.

The approach road to the airport (201) was closed to all traffic due to the proximity of the hangar, as were two runways. Due to the uncertainty if the smoke contained dangerous chemicals, airlines suspended operations until the Ministry of Public Health announced that the smoke was not poisonous. Passengers were advised to use public transport to get to the airport.

4 aircraft were completely destroyed:

Hangar 40 was used for major maintenance and at that time it was a very large blow for Sabena Technics.

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On 23 October 2013, Secretary of State for Mobility Melchior Wathelet inaugurated the new Jetair building at Brussels Airport, called Jetairport. An investment of 30 million euros.

Article by André Orban:

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  1. Who can help me to retrieve the list of passengers and crew of the last flight of the SOBELAIR OO-SBL in april 1960 , the 22, crashed near Bunia (RDC) ?

    Thank you so much, André


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