Ryanair will recruit 120 additional pilots in the coming weeks


During Ryanair’s AGM at its Dublin offices Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary announced that it will hire another 120 pilots in the coming two weeks to avoid a new wave of canceled flights, the airline dismissed the reports that the 140 pilots leaving for Norwegian caused the massive cancellation. Just before the shareholder meeting a group of pilot employee councils rejected a £12,000 tax-free bonus in exchange for working overtime. 

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary apologised to shareholders, and again to customers, for the cancellation of 2,100 of its over 103,000 flights over a 6 week period in September and October, due to a failure within its pilot rostering function. Ryanair expects by the end of this week to have re-accommodated (or authorised refund requests to) over 95% of the 315,000 customers affected by these cancellations.

Ryanair Holdings PLC today (21 Sept) held its 2017 AGM at its Dublin Offices during which shareholders approved all resolutions by substantial majorities. The shareholder votes in favour of the Financial Report (99.2% in favour) and the Remuneration Report (88.7%) were passed with increased majorities compared to 2016.

Ryanair Chairman, David Bonderman, paid tribute to James Osborne, who tragically passed away in August having served as a Director of Ryanair for over 20 years, and expressed his condolences to Mr Osborne’s family and friends.


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