Norwegian comments on Michael O’Leary attack: “This year alone we hired around 140 Ryanair pilots”


The cold war between airlines Ryanair and Norwegian has taken a new turn. According to Norwegian, the Ryanair chief’s attack on the financial situation of Norwegian is due to the fact that many pilots chose to leave his company and start working for Norwegian instead.

Michael O’Leary’s recent comment on Norwegian raised a few eyebrows. During a meeting with journalists in London, he stated that competitor Norwegian is running out of money. The situation, according to Michael O’Leary, is so serious that Norwegian can be out of the market within four to five months and not survive the winter.

Norwegian immediately denied the statements. Instead, the company comes with an explanation why Michael O’Leary went into the attack: Norwegian is recruiting many new pilots for its expansion, and a large part of them are attracted from Ryanair.

“So far this year we have employed close to 140 Ryanair pilots. With us, they get permanent employment in a Norwegian company and receive market wages, “says Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson, information manager for Norwegian.

Roughly a third of Norwegian’s hires this year have come from the Irish low-cost competitor. And there could be more: Norwegian aims to add 500 pilots this year, and establish a base in Dublin, Ryanair’s home.

Source: Svenska Dagbladet



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