The next Brussels Airlines Belgian icon will have The Smurfs livery


In a search for its 5th Belgian icon, Brussels Airlines turned to its customers to ask them which Belgian idea or person they wish to see soaring through the skies on an Airbus A320. Out of the more than 1400 ideas, a jury had chosen two finalists: The Smurfs and Art Nouveau.

On Sunday (24 September) the voting ended and it was already clear from the start that The Smurfs would make it. The Smurfs design will now be turned into a special Belgian icon livery plane to be unveiled next March.

“Drawing is my big passion so when I heard of the contest I thought it was a great challenge I wanted to take. I’ve always loved Peyo’s creations. I like the Smurfs cartoon and the films. I thought it was also the best occasion to draw them because it’s the 60th anniversary in 2018. I love the fact that Brussels Airlines is the only airline to promote its country and culture in such a way, painting new special livery planes every year. My brother is a pilot for Brussels Airlines, so I feel connected to the company.”

Marta Mascellani, winner of the 5th Belgian Icon contest



The Smurfs already showed up at Brussels Airport this Summer: Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Baby Smurf wishing all the kids a pleasant holiday.

Since October 2016 Brussels Airlines is offering Smurfs lunchboxes to their youngest travelers, the idea of the lunchboxes was nominated for the yearly onboard hospitality awards as best onboard kids kit.

Recently SunExpress Germany painted one of their Boeing 737 in “Die Schlümpfe livery”.

The Smurfs fly with Brussels Airlines



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