Air Cargo Global has returned to Brussels Airport, despite the possible noise fines


Since two weeks Air Cargo Global, the Slovakian cargo carrier that left Brussels Airport six months ago, is operating bi-weekly flights again from Zaventem. Newspaper De Tijd reports today.

Cargo Loaded at Brussels Airport
Cargo Loaded at Brussels Airport

Six months ago Brussels Airport was very disappointed that Air Cargo Global left Belgium as a result of the legal insecurity and the financial risks caused by the decision of the Brussels Capital Region to drop the tolerance margin of the noise fines. During six months Air Cargo Global operated from Amsterdam and Prague.

Due to slot restrictions at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, where up to 37 freighter flights per week disappeared in the Winter 2017/2018 schedules, Air Cargo Global has decided to return to Brussels Airport. De Tijd explains that it’s already the third cargo carrier that made a comeback: Singapore Airlines cargo, Emirates Skycargo and now Air Cargo Global. Another strong rumour is that Saparna Airlines (formerly known as Yangtze River Express) also eyes a comeback.

Source: Slovaken ondanks boetes terug naar Zaventem



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