Singapore Airlines moves cargo flights from Amsterdam back to Brussels


Yesterday, we reported that, due to the capping of flights at Amsterdam Schiphol airport to a maximum of 500,000 per year, AirBridgeCargo moved flights from Amsterdam to Liège. 37 weekly cargo flights have to move elsewhere.

Today, another airline present at Schiphol decided to move cargo flights to Brussels, as reported by the Belgian financial newspapers L’Echo and De Tijd.

Singapore Airlines Cargo is no longer afraid of the noise standards and decided to strengthen its presence on the tarmac of Brussels airport, despite the fines it has already received for its noisy Boeing 747 aircraft. It will indeed transfer its cargo activities from the Dutch airport to Brussels at the end of October. This will provide three to four additional weekly flights at Brussels Airport.

Ironically, Singapore Airlines decided to move its activities to Amsterdam at the end of 2016 due to the tightening of noise standards by the Brussels Region. The company is now reversing its decision.


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