Why we change the name of our website from www.luchtzak.be to www.aviation24.be


Dear visitors of our website, dear users of our forums,

2017 will be a fantastic year for this website: total pageviews have grown 14% and the news section increased pageviews by 175% (full stats later this year 😉 ).

With such a growth, we also have our boundaries: the name ‘luchtzak’ is very hard to pronounce in English (and also in French), hence we have decided to add another name to the website: Aviation24.be

We would like to keep our Belgian touch (hence the .be) but we also want to attract international visitors.

In the coming weeks a few (invisible) changes might happen, but we do inform you that your favourite aviation website and forum will always remain reachable via www.luchtzak.be

Forum discussion: http://www.aviation24.be/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=62163


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