TUI Netherlands organises a trial holiday with freedom of movement to Gran Canaria


Trial holiday in collaboration with Corendon and with the support of tour operator organisation ANVR, Dutch Government and National Institute for Health and Environment RIVM

Holidaymakers who can no longer wait to go on holiday, with freedom of movement, can sign up for a trial holiday to Gran Canaria. Together with Corendon and with the support of ANVR, the government and the RIVM, TUI is organising this trial holiday to gain experience so that we can travel safely and responsibly when the weather is allowed. The trip will take place in early May to the sunny Spanish island of Gran Canaria. Holidaymakers stay here for eight days in a luxury All-Inclusive hotel where they lack nothing. In addition, they can move freely and enjoy the environment. Of course, everyone must adhere to the corona rules that apply during the flight, at the hotel and at the holiday destination. Interested parties can register from Monday 19 April via the TUI website.

Arjan Kers, General Manager TUI Nederland: “We are ready to let travellers enjoy a pleasant but above all safe and responsible holiday again. The fact that we can now test this in practice with a holiday with freedom of movement is a great next step towards hopefully a summer in which you can travel again. Because one thing is clear, the need for a holiday abroad is growing every day. Everyone yearns to be able to hit the road again.”

180 vacationers to the sun

The trial holiday is an eight-day holiday to Gran Canaria with departure at the beginning of May. The trip includes the outward and return flight with Corendon Dutch Airlines, bus transfers to and from the hotel from the airport, a stay of seven nights at the RIU Gran Canaria hotel on an All-Inclusive basis, travel insurance and the necessary tests for the outward journey – and return journey. A total of 180 holidaymakers can join: 90 guests with Corendon and 90 guests with TUI.

Conditions for a trial holiday

Everyone between 18 and 70 years old can register for the trial holiday from Monday 19 April. Then TUI will also disclose all the details about the trip, such as the exact travel date, price and testing requirements. TUI makes a selection from all registrations, taking into account a correct distribution of all age groups and a good male / female distribution. Unfortunately, people who belong to one of the risk groups determined by the RIVM cannot participate in this trip.

Multiple studies

This test trip is part of various studies that the government has set up together with the travel industry. For example, a test trip to Rhodes was also organised during this phase, whereby participants are not allowed to leave their hotel. There will also be test trips for car, train and bus holidays. These studies are of great importance to determine under which conditions people can go on holiday safely and responsibly again.

Rijswijk, 14 April 2021


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