TUI fly Belgium welcomes the decisions taken during the Belgian Government’s consultation committee this afternoon


The consultation committee of the federal and regional governments of Belgium has just determined the rules that will apply to Belgians who travel this summer. In general, anyone who has been vaccinated, has a negative test or has recently developed COVID-19 will be able to travel to Europe without too many restrictions, including to the red zones. The COVID certificate, which contains data relating to the vaccination, testing or immunity of the citizen, will come into force on 1 July. TUI, Belgium’s leading tour operator, welcomes these decisions.

Travellers from a red zone who have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks will no longer need to be tested or quarantined on return to Belgium. Travellers 12 years of age or older who are not fully immunised will only need to be tested.

TUI is delighted with this decision which will make it possible to offer more travel possibilities to as many people as possible and which will make the red zones more attractive from 1 July. Quarantine is still a serious obstacle for many travellers.

TUI also hopes that this decision will be extended as soon as possible to travel outside the European Union. Pending this, TUI, in collaboration with other tourism stakeholders, has proposed to the government to organise Safe Travel Corridors (with health measures and reinforced tests) and hopes to receive a positive response as soon as possible. deadlines in order to make travel to more distant destinations possible.

TUI is also confident that additional testing capabilities will be provided to travellers who need to present a PCR test. Thanks to the democratisation or free of these tests in some cases, travel will be more accessible for a greater number of travellers. TUI welcomes the move and hopes the government will soon allow the use of rapid tests to further facilitate access to tests for travellers.

TUI currently offers nearly 80 destinations and estimates that it can offer 70% of its usual offer for the months of July and August.


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