TUI brings ChatGPT to its mobile app in the UK


Travel company TUI is introducing ChatGPT, a generative AI, to its UK mobile app as part of an initiative to integrate AI features throughout its business. This follows a successful tech experiment and collaboration between TUI’s tech engineers and app product teams.

ChatGPT offers TUI customers informative responses about holiday destinations and personalised recommendations for activities and excursions based on their preferences. The AI technology refines suggestions depending on the customer’s desired experiences.

TUI aims to simplify processes, improve customer services, and make information more accessible through AI integration. The company’s internal AI Lab supports this initiative by providing guidance, training, and fostering a broader understanding of AI’s potential in the travel industry.

TUI is also conducting other trials using generative AI tools, including post-holiday customer communication and content language translation. The pilot feature maintains privacy measures and appropriateness checks for responses, with continuous feedback collection to ensure quality.


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