TUI Belgium repatriates travellers from Bangkok after cancellation of Thai Airways flight TG934 on 28 February


Following the closure of the airspace over Pakistan, on the trajectory of all flights connecting Asia to Europe, thousands of travellers have been stranded since the day before yesterday at Bangkok airport in Thailand. The airlines were forced to cancel flights, including flight TG934 of Thai Airways (by Airbus A350) which was to bring 24 TUI vacationers to Brussels. While waiting for a solution, TUI offered one night at the hotel to its customers.

Later that day, during the reopening of the airspace over Pakistan, it appeared that there was no possibility of a rapid return for the passengers concerned. Indeed, with Thai Airways, the 24 Belgians could not return to their home country before March 10. TUI then decided to look for alternative solutions at its own expense. All travellers can take off tomorrow (March 2) from Bangkok with other companies, after another extra night on site.


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