TUI Belgium no longer cancel all package trips to non-European destinations


At the start of the coronavirus crisis in March 2020, TUI, Belgium’s largest tour operator, had to abruptly halt all of its package tours. It is only since 1 July 2021 that all European destinations are offered again. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Belgians are fully vaccinated and there is a strong market demand for more distant destinations, especially during the winter months. This is the reason why TUI evaluates each non-European destination on a weekly basis, thanks to numerous sources available at the national, and even regional levels. On the one hand, TUI assesses the health situation on-site and, on the other hand, guarantees a pleasant holiday experience. The green light has therefore been given for a whole series of distant destinations. TUI Belgium will personally notify travellers with reservations for any of these destinations.

Travellers seeking sunshine during the winter often look to destinations outside of Europe, to exotic places such as the Caribbean. For the past year and a half, TUI has had to systematically cancel package reservations for these destinations, a few weeks before departure. However, the vaccination coverage of Belgians has improved considerably in recent months. Vacationers who go during the winter months, usually adults, are almost all fully vaccinated. These people deplore the limited possibilities of travel and the numerous cancellations.

TUI has therefore decided to no longer cancel package holidays if the destination receives a positive rating based on a thorough internal assessment. This is now the case for a number of destinations. Vacationers can rest assured that the health situation of the destination is under control and that the vacation experience will not be affected by local health measures.

  • From September 16, vacations on the Turkish coast will again be available (via Izmir, Bodrum and Antalya airports), as will city trips to Istanbul. Travellers will again be able to vacation in the Dominican Republic, from that date as well.
  • From October 15, trips to the Cape Verdean islands of Sal and Boa Vista will resume.
  • From October 29, the start date of the autumn holidays and the winter season, Mexico (Cancun) and Dubai will complete the list of available destinations.

In a first phase, two flights per week will be scheduled for all these destinations, with the exception of Antalya and Dubai with four departures per week.

TUI is therefore responding to the demand of a public that is used to leaving in winter and believes that it is the right time to reopen certain destinations. This helps to avoid large concentrations of vacationers in a limited number of sunny destinations in winter.

TUI recommends only fully vaccinated travellers to visit these destinations.

In order to avoid any confusion, TUI Belgium will personally inform each affected traveller and/or their travel agent of the status of their reservation.

September 10, 2021



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