Belgian tourists quarantined in Tenerife hotel might return home tomorrow, British tourists flown home earlier this week


TUI confirms that every effort is being made to ensure that Belgians who are still in quarantine at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel in Tenerife can return to the country. It is expected that the holidaymakers concerned will receive authorisation to leave tomorrow from the competent Spanish authorities.

The TUI team in Tenerife is in close contact with them to organise their return to Belgium in concrete terms. In order to protect the privacy of these travellers, TUI cannot currently provide any other information.

The costs for the return flight and the extended stay at the hotel will not be charged to the vacationers and TUI will cover them, in agreement with the hotel chain H10. In addition, the Belgian TUI vacationers will receive a reimbursement in proportion to the price of the holiday for the days spent in quarantine.

TUI obviously hopes that such a quarantine situation will not happen again. If this should nevertheless happen, the possibility of such financial intervention will be assessed by TUI on a case-by-case basis.

British guests at a quarantined hotel in Tenerife have flown back to the UK two days ago after testing negative for coronavirus, Jet2holidays has confirmed. Meanwhile, TUI said 17 of its customers were flown back on two separate flights to Bristol and Newcastle on Sunday night after testing negative for coronavirus.


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