Thomas Cook Belgium update: all bookings definitively cancelled, all travel packages reimbursed


All travellers to get 100% of their payments back through Guarantee Fund Travel

All packages that were booked with Thomas Cook Belgium will be definitively cancelled from now on. Too many suppliers were not yet paid and one of them, Brussels Airlines, decided to cancel 105 flights in October, which were booked at 80% for Thomas Cook customers. “No new booking will be accepted from now on,” it sounds.

The victims will be reimbursed 100% for the cancelled trips. To this end, they must submit a file themselves or through their travel agent to the Travel Guarantee Fund, the insurance institution where Thomas Cook Belgium is insured against financial insolvency. Around 5,000 people have already submitted such an application, but clients have legally up to two years to do so.

The payment can take a while,” says Mark De Vriendt of the Travel Guarantee Fund. “There is enough money, but this is the biggest bankruptcy in the history of the Guarantee Fund,” said De Vriendt.

Thomas Cook travellers who are currently abroad are being repatriated home by the Guarantee Fund. For this purpose, special return flights are introduced these days. Exactly what and when can be found on the website We already published initial lists of such flights in our forum.


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