The Aviation Factory, first leading private jet broker in Europe to accept cryptocurrency payments

© Amaury Sechet —, CC0,

The Aviation Factory (TAF), the European specialist when it comes to organising tailor-made flights, once again sets the tone. The Belgium-based aviation company is the first principal aviation broker in Europe to accept payments in cryptocurrency. Anyone who wants to rent a private jet can now also pay in bitcoin, ethereum or other cryptos.

The Aviation Factory has an extremely high-performance computer system that can monitor the availability of thousands of aircraft worldwide. The underlying database contains more than 3360 private jets. Customers can enter the desired route on the TAF website. The aviation broker’s “private jet calculator” then provides interesting price proposals.

During the lockdown, many young people took an interest in share and cryptocurrency trading. Some of them did not shy away from the risks and made huge profits. These millennials are living in the present and have no qualms about booking a private jet to celebrate their success,” said Carl Legein, CEO of The Aviation Factory. “A new group of private jet users has actually emerged: the ‘Robinhood generation’, named after the well-known stock exchange app. Some customers asked whether they could pay for their flight in crypto. That is from now on possible. In addition to bitcoin, The Aviation Factory also accepts ethereum and some other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.



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