The Aviation Factory and North Sea Aviation Center join forces at Ostend Airport

From left to right Kelly Boswell (The Aviation Factory), Gilles Cornelissen (The Aviation Factory), Nicolas Janssen (Zeus Cargo), Erik Vermeersch (NSAC), Thomas Van Meerbeeck (The Aviation Factory)

The Aviation Factory, the market leader in the Benelux for the organisation of customised air transport, has moved into the new business aviation terminal of NSAC (North Sea Aviation Center), where VIP, private and business flights are operating at Ostend-Bruges airport. Both companies will work closely together.

Our team has handled over 1,800 business flights during the last 8 months of 2019. That was a lot more than the 1,500 private flights that the airport had to handle in the whole of 2018,” said Erik Vermeersch, CEO of NSAC. “However, the corona crisis is also felt in the business aviation segment. Nevertheless, a number of companies are now resorting more quickly to business jets for, among other things, crew changes on ships, repatriation flights and the transport of temporary employees. As soon as the borders reopen, we expect a rapid and robust revival in the number of private and business flights.”

Our activities from Ostend Airport currently represent almost 15% of our total turnover,” said Carl Legein, CEO of The Aviation Factory. “We want to further develop the business aircraft market in the region together with NSAC. We recently placed a ‘private jet calculator’ on our website, with which potential customers can immediately see concrete price proposals after entering a route. Behind it is a database with no less than 3,360 private jets.


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