Sunweb Group sees confidence in holidays recovering


Belgians are booking autumn holidays to the sun en masse and demand for winter sports is high

After an eventful summer for the travel sector, tour operator Sunweb Group is now seeing the first signs of recovery. The strongly increasing number of bookings for the autumn and winter period at Sunweb Group shows that the Belgians have renewed confidence in travel.

At the beginning of the high season, many last-minute bookings were made. For a number of weeks, Sunweb Group has noticed that more and more holidaymakers are regaining the confidence to book their well-deserved holiday further in advance. “In recent months, we have continuously responded to the uncertain situation by offering our customers more care, more up-to-date information and more flexibility and guarantees. A package holiday is, therefore, more popular than ever. I expect this customer needs to continue to exist and that is why we will continue to offer these important services to our customers to unburden them and put their health and safety first,” said Mattijs ten Brink, CEO of Sunweb Group.

Run on last-minute autumn break

In recent weeks, Sunweb Group has observed a growth of no less than 200% in bookings up to and including October, compared to 2020. In Spain, where the situation around corona is stable again, things are going even faster. The Greek islands as well as Spain and the Canary Islands are extremely popular. Due to the corona measures in force, travel was very limited in the months of June and July, which explains the huge booking peak up to and including the autumn holidays. Moreover, after a busy summer period, Greece remains a popular holiday destination. The most popular autumn destinations for both couples and families are Crete, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Rhodes and Tenerife. With regard to sun destinations for the winter, Sunweb sees that Spain and Portugal are in demand.

Winter sports are running better than ever

The upcoming winter sports season is already on the rise. Bookings started much faster than in previous years. “Winter sports enthusiasts had to skip a season last year, as a result of which we received many questions about the ’21/’22 season at the end of 2020. That is why we put the offer online at the beginning of this year and many customers have already booked their winter sports holiday well in advance. There is a first peak in bookings for the Christmas and spring break. In terms of the number of bookings, we are now in line with our best year ever,” says Ten Brink.

Sales for Tomorrowland Winter, of which Sunweb is a partner, will also start from September 18.

Antwerp, September 3, 2021


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