Strong increase in bookings from Belgian travellers for the summer holidays in the Mediterranean


According to recent booking data from Sunweb Group and TUI, Belgian travellers, particularly from Flanders, are showing an increased interest in summer vacations abroad.

Sunweb Group reports a significant rise in bookings to destinations like Turkey (+45%), Greece (+40%), and Tunisia (+40%) compared to the previous year. Spain also sees a boost with approximately 10% more bookings than in 2021. Popular choices for Flemish holidaymakers include the Greek islands (Crete and Rhodes), Mallorca, Gran Canaria, as well as Turkey and Tunisia. The average budget for summer vacations has increased by 8% compared to last year, with the average spending reaching €1092 per person. Sunweb advises last-minute travellers to book promptly as available options may decrease in the coming weeks.

TUI, the largest travel organisation in Belgium, also reports a 15% increase in Flemish families opting for air travel this summer compared to the previous year. Spain, Greece, and Turkey rank as the top three destinations. Family-oriented resorts and all-inclusive packages have regained popularity, while eco-friendly options are also gaining traction for road trips. With many people eager to enjoy a worry-free vacation, early bookings have been beneficial due to better availability and early bird advantages. July sees 60% of departures, while August accounts for 40%. Spain maintains its position as the most popular destination, representing 30% of all flights booked by Flemish travellers. Greece ranks second with 25% of bookings, while Turkey attracts one in five Flemish families, with the Turkish Riviera being the preferred region. The average duration of a flight vacation for Flemish travellers is 9 days, with longer trips for more distant locations like Mexico, Cuba, and Jamaica.

Overall, Belgian travellers from Flanders are demonstrating a strong interest in summer vacations abroad, with Mediterranean destinations being the preferred choice. The budgets vary depending on the destination, with an average spending of €1457 per adult in July and August.


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