Virgin Galactic successfully completes first private astronaut flight



Virgin Galactic has successfully completed its first private astronaut flight, named ‘Galactic 02.’ This mission marked several historic achievements, highlighting how Virgin Galactic’s spaceflights are expanding access to space for a diverse group of astronauts worldwide.

‘Galactic 02’ carried private astronauts Jon Goodwin from the UK, Keisha Schahaff, and Anastatia Mayers from Antigua and Barbuda, achieving the following milestones:

  • First female astronauts from the Caribbean
  • First mother-daughter duo to travel to space
  • Most women flown in a single space mission
  • Youngest person to travel to space
  • First Olympian in space
  • First majority female spaceflight
  • Sixth and seventh Black women to travel to space
  • Second person with Parkinson’s to travel to space
  • Third oldest person to travel to space

Key in-flight facts of ‘Galactic 02’ include take-off at 08:30 MDT, reaching an altitude of 44,300 feet at release, reaching an apogee of 55 miles, achieving a top speed of Mach 3, and landing successfully.

Michael Colglazier, CEO of Virgin Galactic, emphasised how this mission has broadened access to space and inspired communities worldwide. He mentioned that the company plans to continue with monthly spaceflights while developing its Delta Class production spaceships to scale its business.

The company will conduct post-flight inspections and analysis in preparation for its next commercial space mission, ‘Galactic 03,’ scheduled for September, continuing Virgin Galactic’s regular flight schedule.


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