Ukrainian Railways relaunches Ukraine-Romania railway connection


The twice-daily connection between Ukraine and Romania has reopened. Back in August 2022, amid the Russian aggression and invasion of Ukraine, railway workers rebuild twenty kilometres of new track, which was closed for seventeen years. Ukraine waited another four months for Romania to complete their part.

The new network was built between the cities of Rakhiv and Berlebash then onward to the state border between Ukraine and Romania. Passengers from Kyiv and Lviv will get a fast connection to Romania. Despite the war, diesel trains were built to ensure the connection.

Next to providing the important cargo export – towards seaport Constanta, Ukrainian Railways CEO Alexander Kamyshin stressed the importance of the route for Ukrainians: “another connection for Ukrainians to the European Union. You can change the train in Valea Viseului and travel to Cluj-Napoca where the international airport gives you 30 destinations per day, incl. 2 flights to London. Or you can go to Bucharest.

More than 30,000 Ukrainians live in Maramures county of Romania, which is neighbouring Ukraine. We are happy to give them a comfortable connection to visit their friends and relatives in Ukraine,” he added.

Kamyshin also invites Romanians to visit Ukraine: “great opportunity for Romanians to visit Ukraine. Ski resorts in the wintertime or hiking in the Carpathian mountains in the summertime. And yes, I’m sure that many Romanians are fine to travel to Ukraine even amid the war.”

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