Strike of Dutch train managers threatens to disrupt Benelux trains on Wednesday


The traffic of the Benelux trains between Amsterdam and Brussels may be disrupted on Wednesday, 22 September. The Dutch conductors (train managers) of the trains are on strike out of dissatisfaction with their salary, the trade unions FNV Spoor and VVMC have announced.

The train managers of NS International who work at IC Netherlands (also known as Benelux train or Amsterdammer) are angry because they are paid less than their colleagues who work at Thalys, Eurostar, ICE Berlin and Nightjet, the unions say. The management of NS made a proposal during the social consultations that would make the differences even greater. The union members rejected that proposal.

Due to the strike, there will be no trains from Amsterdam to Brussels on Wednesday, according to the unions. However, there are also Belgian conductors who work on the international trains and it is not known whether they will also stop working. Thalys trains will run normally between the two capitals.

IC Netherlands runs twelve times a day in each direction on the Amsterdam – Brussels route and four trains a day from The Hague to Brussels.