Two new pictograms for plane spotters near spotting platform 25L/07R at Brussels Airport.


On Wednesday 25 July 2018, two new pictograms appeared on the perimeter fence of Brussels Airport near the new spotting platform 25L/07R.

A total of four pairs of the two new pictograms were put up on the perimeter fence at the in front of the “Repatriëringscentrum 127bis”. Few hours later, some spotters shared images of these two new pictograms on social media such as some spotting groups on Facebook.


There was no official communication by any stakeholder of the newly constructed spotting platforms. As a result, spotters quickly jumped into their own conclusions, most of which were negative. The two new pictograms also caused a lot of confusion and created some very emotional reactions. Some had no idea what they meant, some others were sure that these were put up to prohibit all spotter activities near the airport except when using the two new spotting platforms, which were inaugurated just few months ago. has contacted Brussels Airport to get an official reaction on these new pictograms. On Thursday we received an statement from the airport and we were kindly asked by Brussels Airport to share the following information with the entire Brussels Airport spotters community:

  • Brussels Airport confirms that two new pictograms were installed on the perimeter fence near the “Repatriëringscentrum 127bis”.
  • Brussels Airport has informed us that one of the two pictograms, i.e. the one which signals that photography is not allowed, will be removed soon. The airport states that it is not the intention of Brussels Airport to prohibit aircraft photography or watching aircraft at all.
  • The other pictogram, which signals that it is not allowed to put up ladders against the perimeter fence of the airport, will not be removed. This practice is not allowed by the airport nor by the police.
  • The airport kindly reminds all spotters that there is a ‘code of conduct’, which all spotters should obey, whether they are standing on one of the two official spotting platforms or somewhere else near the airport perimeter. The code of conduct is available via this link: More information is also available at the two spotting platforms.

26 July 2018.

Photos: copyright (c) Ivan Coninx


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