13 countries have received instructions from TSA about a ban on electronic or electrical devices


Today 13 countries and the subsequent airlines of these 13 countries flying to the United States today received instructions from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stating that passengers are no longer allowed to carry any electronic or electrical device in the aircraft cabin on its flights to and from the United States. The airlines have to comply in the next 96 hours.

A few hours ago Royal Jordanian tweeted: http://www.luchtzak.be/airlines/royal-jordanian/royal-jordanian-bans-electronic-devices-flights-united-states/ but removed the tweet a few hours later.

Further information on concerned countries or airlines are not known, United States officials are not commenting at this time. Sources suggest could be result of new intell threat, not related to travel ban, Jennifer Griffin -National Security Correspondent for Fox News- tweeted. Jon Ostrower from CNN tweeted:”There is something very strange happening right now for some international airlines that serve the U.S. More questions than answers.”

Saudia Arabian Airlines is also affected: Disclaimer for guests #الخطوط_السعودية on portable computers and non-prevention tablets inside the plane on flights to United States


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