NASA’s DC-8 aircraft makes final journey to Idaho State University


NASA’s iconic DC-8 aircraft will embark on its final flight from NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California to Idaho State University, marking the end of its remarkable 37-year career in airborne science missions. The aircraft’s retirement will be celebrated by its new role at the college’s Aircraft Maintenance Technology Program, where it will train future aircraft technicians.

Residents in Pocatello, Idaho, and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to witness this historic flight as the DC-8 flies at low altitude to its new and final home. Scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, between 14:00-14:30 (UTC-7), the flyover offers a chance for the community to bid farewell to this legendary aircraft.

While the aircraft’s engines may be loud, all flyovers are conducted at safe altitudes to ensure the safety of the public, wildlife, and infrastructure. Those interested can track the DC-8’s real-time flight path using various online platforms, including or the FlightAware app, by searching for the aircraft tail number: N817NA.

This final journey of NASA’s DC-8 represents not only the end of an era in airborne science but also the beginning of a new chapter in its legacy as a training tool for future generations of aircraft technicians.


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