ERA works to secure the best outcome for aviation as UK triggers Article 50 (Brexit)


The UK has today triggered Article 50, formally beginning the two-year process of the country withdrawing from the European Union.

  • ERA, as a European association, is actively engaging with EU and UK bodies to ensure the best possible outcome for European aviation and the association’s 195 members.

Since the UK’s vote in June 2016 to leave the European Union, ERA has been campaigning on the basis of a position that aims to preserve the current regulatory regime for EU-based member companies as well as UK-based companies when it comes to the future relationship between the UK and the EU for aviation. ERA has met informally with various EU bodies and has engaged with UK regulators to discuss the potential impact of Brexit on its members across Europe.

Brexit is a European issue”, says ERA’s Director General Simon McNamara, commenting from the association’s Regional Airline Conference in Copenhagen. “Over 40 per cent of our airline members from 16 different countries operate to, from and within the UK and we work to protect and safeguard our members’ interests, whether they are members of the EU, the European Common Aviation Area, or have a bilateral aviation agreement with the EU or another European country. Through our extensive experience, ERA will continue to support all our members flying to, from and within the UK. In the two years of negotiation, our aim is to ensure that our members can continue to offer the best connectivity for the citizens of Europe, the cargo they transport and to ensure a fair competitive playing field.”

ERA Regional Airline Conference, Copenhagen, 29 March 2017


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