ERA releases position paper on Brexit


The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) has today released its position paper on Brexit, detailing the position of the association on the future air transport relationship between the EU and the UK

  • The paper is designed to assist policymakers and those involved in the negotiations regarding the future aviation arrangements between the EU and the UK. 

Europe has one of the most liberal and effective air transport markets in the world, facilitated by the deregulation of the industry. ERA believes it is essential that a wide-reaching aviation agreement is reached between the EU and the UK before the deadline for negotiation ends in March 2019. To maintain a healthy, well-connected European aviation industry, ERA recommends that, as a minimum, the agreement should include the following:

1.    An EU–UK bilateral agreement comprehensively guided by and in the spirit of EU Regulation 1008/2008. This would allow minimum disruption to services currently operating within the European region to and from the UK.

2.    In the bilateral agreement, particular attention should be given to protecting the following principles included in EU Regulation 1008/2008:
•    Article 4 (a); (b); (f) – the conditions for granting an operating license;
•    Article 6 (1) – the requirements to obtain an air operator certificate;
•    Article 13 (1) – the provisions on leasing; and
•    Article 15 (1) – the provisions on intra-community air services.

3.    Continued application of EASA regulatory standards to UK operators and undertakings to support common safety compliance and a competitive, harmonised supply chain (for aircraft parts and materials) across the wider European region.

Caroline O’Sullivan, ERA Manager Policy and Technical who worked on the paper, says:

ERA’s position is focussed on ensuring open and free traffic rights for all EU and UK carriers between the EU and the UK.


ERA is also focussing on ensuring that EASA regulations continue to apply to the UK carriers and that the EU and UK carriers can continue to freely lease aircraft to each other without prior approval.


ERA head office, UK, 7 September 2017



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